About OneSanta

OneSanta, an online learning platform, allows students to review study materials easily through an e-programme. Students are able to revise and recap learning materials anytime, anywhere, at their own pace.

We pride ourselves in providing teachers with extensive teaching experience. Students will be well guided through textbook materials, assessments and past year papers. Queries will be answered within 24 hours through an exclusive members-only messaging platform. With strong commitment and dedication, students can rest assure to clear their doubts.

In this era of IT revolution, technology has undeniably changed our lifestyle and learning is no exception. OneSanta aims to leverage on technology to provide students with greater convenience, accessibility and a whole new learning experience.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible eLearning Experience

Students will be able to learn at their own preferred pace with the online programme. They are able to review any chapters, at any time without limitation

Learning On-The-Go

Spending too much time travelling to and fro from school? Why not spend the time revising through our webcast?

Direct Messaging Platform

Have a burning question to ask? Our messaging platform is available for students to post queries. Teachers will respond to these questions within 24 hours.

Up-To-Date Materials

All of our learning materials are closely aligned with the recommended Ministry of Education’s (MOE) standard and syllabus.

Qualified Professional Tutors

All our teachers are well-trained with extensive experience in teaching and tutoring. Click here to find out more.

New Way of Learning

Bored of the usual way of learning? Now you can try something new with OneSanta. Our online interactive learning is sure to interest students and make studying less tedious.

Subscription Plan

  • Monthly subscription fee of $19.90
  • Full access to learning materials (textbooks, assessments & past year papers)
  • Access to the online direct messaging platform
  • Queries answered within 24 hours
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