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Scratch & Python Coding Course
Singapore Version
(4-13 Years Old)

(9 customer reviews)


For a yearly subscription of $60, students will have full access to all the coding lessons. OneSanta’s Coding Classes allow each individual student to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. We strive to provide affordable training with a customised curriculum for each individual.

After the classes, student will be able to understand basic computer science concepts and develop the digital literacy skills necessary to tackle complex real-world problems.

Elements of the course include:
1) Basic Scratch
2) Advanced Scratch
3) Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
4) Introduction to Python

Our coding instructors are registered and approved by MOE to conduct coding classes in schools.

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9 reviews for Scratch & Python Coding Course
Singapore Version
(4-13 Years Old)

  1. May

    Parent Name: May
    Child’s Level: P6
    Review: Saw my friend posted on Facebook of her son’s creation and it makes me want to sign up for my son too. No regrets!

  2. Yuwen

    Parent Name: Yuwen
    Child’s Level: P2
    Review: The price of the coding program was a definite clincher for me. Normal coding classes are $300 to $400 which is way too expensive for me. Thankful to OneSanta for providing such affordable and good classes for my son.

  3. Han Long

    Parent Name: Han Long
    Child’s Level: P5
    Review: I was pretty surprised after we join the online coding course with OneSanta. The platform is really flexible and effective for my son learning habits. He likes the way the lessons were conducted and the ability for him to follow the teacher step-by-step. This online course has helped him a lot and he is now able to write code in Python. The whole learning experience with OneSanta is great and amazing.

  4. Jeffery

    Parent Name: Jeffery
    Child’s Level: P1
    Review: Strong recommend this course for all students. My son, Zhi Kai, is able to input his own idea into the game creation. Unlike the normal coding classes where everyone does the same thing and come out with the same game, he is able to learn the fundamental and code the game to suit his liking.
    I think this is the most important component of coding, teaching the kids the basic and logic behind the language and give them the freedom to create. Keep up the good work OneSanta

  5. Jolene

    Parent Name: Jolene
    Child’s Level: P6
    Review: Justen has learned well and enjoyed his time attending the classes.

  6. Zainal

    Parent Name: Zainal
    Child’s Level: P2
    Review: Best coding class in my opinion.

  7. Aileen

    Parent Name: Aileen
    Child’s Level: P3
    Review: Interesting and easy to follow classes for my daughter. She managed to create her own game by incorporating her own ideas in it.
    She is very proud of it and has been sharing the game with us, her cousins and friends.

  8. Mark

    Parent Name: Mark
    Child’s Level: P1
    Review: I must say that my daughter has benefited greatly from OneSanta and the online coding course. At first, I was worried that my daughter is too young to learn. However, I decided to just let her try since it is only $60 a year. I was fairly surprise at how the class was conducted and how my daughter is able to follow closely with the lessons. Now, she has created her first game and started playing with her cousins.

  9. Alan

    Parent Name: Alan
    Child’s Level: P4
    Review: If only I have this type of course in the past. I would love to attend myself and learn to code. Looking at my son learning and creating his own program with so much joy makes me abit jealous? Parents don’t miss this chance for your child to learn coding.

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