P4-P6 Enrichment Programme
(Primary English and Mathematics)

(12 customer reviews)


For a monthly subscription fee of $19.90, students will have full access to all the learning materials from textbooks, to assessments and past year papers. Members can also have access to the online direct messaging platform where students’ queries will be answered within 24 hours.

No minimum commitment period.

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12 reviews for P4-P6 Enrichment Programme
(Primary English and Mathematics)

  1. Carol

    Parent Name: Carol
    Child’s Level: P4
    Review: Great learning experience at OneSanta. Ronald enjoys the lessons and can learn better from OneSanta’s lessons than elsewhere.

  2. Eileen

    Parent Name: Eileen
    Child’s Level: P5
    Review: My daughter started her journey with OneSanta in 2019 which helps her to get used to online learning. So, the SLS policy this year did not affect her, in fact, she had more time to learn from OneSanta classes. Happy with my decision and her results.

  3. Michelle

    Parent Name: Michelle
    Child’s Level: P5
    Review: After joining OneSanta, Shanice improved to scoring above 80 for both English and Mathematics. Very good Q&A services, even on the night before her papers.

  4. Sharon

    Parent Name: Sharon
    Child’s Level: P4
    Review: The math worksheets provided are very useful as it better prepared my son for the examinations. He improved from 80 to 94 marks this year!

  5. Esther

    Parent Name: Esther
    Child’s Level: P4
    Review: I have personally tried using OneSanta materials and I found them very useful and easy to understand. The explanation is clear and my kid enjoys.

  6. Raja

    Parent Name: Raja
    Child’s Level: P4
    Review: Thank you OneSanta for helping Arjun and made him likes learning again. I am very happy with his SA2 result this year! He scored 92 for EL and 90 for Math.

  7. Li Choo

    Parent Name: Li Choo
    Child’s Level: P4
    Review: For the first time, my daughter managed to score 72 marks for her English SA2. Even I was shocked as her school paper always very hard. After attending OneSanta, she is able to look out for clues and tips for the Comprehension OE now.

  8. Evelyn

    Parent Name: Evelyn
    Child’s Level: P5
    Review: Good and helpful online programme with excellent explanations in lessons as well as for questions outside of OneSanta. Good follow up and feedback.

  9. Ashari Ali

    Parent Name: Ashari Ali
    Child’s Level: P4
    Review: My kid enjoyed the programme and find the explanations easy to understand.?

  10. Summer

    Parent Name: Summer
    Child’s Level: P5
    Review: My son completed watching Maths chapter 1 yesterday and chapter 2 today.
    I am glad the video did capture his attention to sit through the lessons.

  11. Seow Chin

    Parent Name: Seow Chin
    Child’s Level: P5
    Review: What more can I say about OneSanta? Very affordable and high quality learning materials for my daughter.

  12. Siti

    Parent Name: Siti
    Child’s Level: P4
    Review: Very useful programme! The programme manages to attract and behold my son attention. Now, he no longer hates math. He managed to improve his score to 78 marks (SA2) from 60 marks (SA1).

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