Scholarship Programme
(Primary English and Mathematics)

$238.80 / year with a 7-day free trial

The OneSanta Scholarships are highly coveted scholarships awarded to high calibre students who display academic excellence and improvement. OneSanta would like to reward the students with our scholarships in recognition of their efforts.

At OneSanta, we use our own teaching strategy that has proven to work brilliantly on Primary 4 to 6 students in our classes.

OneSanta’s Systematic Cognitive Thinking (SCT) methodology was designed by a team of education specialists who have more than a decade of teaching experience.Over the past two years, the SCT methodology has helped our Primary 4 to 6 students achieved at least a grade improvement within 2 months.

Students will have full access to all the learning materials from textbooks, to assessments and past year papers. Subscribers can also have access to the online direct messaging platform where students’ queries will be answered.

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